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Exam room two



This room is a real operating room, like in a hospital. Large table, you can set the patient to any position. Securely fix it. Available settings: gynecology, proctology, universal. Surgical light, breathing assistant, additional mattresses, belts. All tools and toys are available.
Possible hourly rental:
– 70 euros 1 hour. Minimum rental period is 2 hours.
– included: tools, clothes, shoes, coffee and tea.
– additional payment is required for photo and video shooting on your device. +50 euros.
– additionally, an enema may be provided.
– additional BDSM equipment can be provided.

Common data:
– equipment is sterilized for every new guest.
– the room is treated with UV radiation for 15 minutes every 2 hours
– maximum number of guests 4.
– mandatory use of special shoes or shoe covers.

Prohibited in the studio:
– smoking (all types of cigarettes and devices)
– take alcohol, drugs.
– be inside the exam room with bags, backpacks, etc.
– damage equipment
– create excessive noise.
– take photos and videos/broadcast (without the administrator’s permission)

Please see the additional equipment section.

– instruction on use before the game.
– interview before the session.
– rental may be refused by the administrator during the interview.

Guests must be over 24 years old. The administrator can verify this.

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- 16.01.24 - studio is open!